Organizing and Declutter …..

It’s hard to do this but I got some things thrown away and other stuff cleared and in containers. Some things are just hard to get rid of, but there is no use in keeping it nor real sentimental value in it. I bought too many things over the years like lotions and shampoos, and pens etc. Mostly paper and office type stuff and I can still use some of it. It was kind of gross when I found a container of dry pasta with little bugs in it. It was out in seconds, in the trash. I have a lot of overnight bags too, so I need to decide what to donate or throw out. Will be so glad when I can part with those stuffed animals too. I have one I grew up with that I will keep. The others I just collected as an adult because I thought they were cute but they sit in a plastic bin. Time to make a choice. People give me stuff a lot too but I can’t take everything. it’s not fair to have to take on more stuff because in reality most things we don’t need and don’t bring happiness. I’ve been knowing that a long time. I have old cassette tapes I recorded music on. Need to part with them too. I still have over a dozen I think. Good grief, when will it disappear????

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