This Is Me.


Lately I have felt that I have a billion thoughts burning inside of me that I just want to express my opinion on. I originally thought about getting a diary and writing about them in there but I just wasn’t satisfied by the idea So on the off chance that someone actually reads this I hope that whatever I decide to write about helps you or makes you form some kind of opinion. 

So… This is me…

You see I believe in this one simple line… ” live to be happy and be happy to live.” This line makes me feel like I can and should do anything and everything. Everyone deserves a shot at happiness and to feel complete. That doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or complex, I’m just talking about the little things in life. This could be ridiculously dancing down the street like an idiot with your music up full blast. This could be running outside when its pouring down rain just so you can jump in the puddles. I encourage people to do everything and everything every chance they get. 

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