Tuesday, 9/13/16, Immigration Court, San Francisco


I am bored out of my gourd. We have spent an hour on one bond hearing and we supposedly have nine more cases. I need to be at the airport by 12:30. This will be interesting.

Yesterday I had detained court in the morning with a visiting judge from Kansas City, but not the cute one. We had four Haitian Creole cases so i barely did anything. 

After that, I picked Gabe up from school. We stopped at kitchen table so i could get singe deviled eggs. I have a nasty cough from the cold I barely had last week and i don’t have much of an appetite. Gabe and i then walked up to the courthouse for our hearing. It was so awesome to have some peeps there o.k. my side. That was very grounding and calming. Elisabeth, Kristin L and Megan T came. There was no court reporter so the entire hearing was off the record and totally didn’t count. He reset it to do the whole thing over again. Don’t know the date yet.

Then Gabe took me to the airport and i left for san francisco. I had a layover in Phoenix and stopped and had singe nachos. Hardly ate any of it. When i got to sfo, i took bart downtown and then a streetcar up the insane hill to muy hotel. My hotel was in a very charming part of town near union square. I went to Walgreens for Nyquil and then i went to bed. I walked to court this morning through China town. The hills here blow my mind.

When i checked fb this morning i saw mom and Sarah had posted a channel 7 video about Aunt Marge falling in a ravine and fire and rescue taking 2.5 hours to pull her out. Wild.

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