Wisdom tooth appearance

I found out yesterday night that my bottom left wisdom tooth is breaking through and it hurts like heck. I thought I was getting a sinus/ear infection for a while because whenever I do my teeth hurt, but when I felt the spot that was hurting I felt a tooth poking through. So I went to the bathroom and used the flashlight on my phone to look and sure enough, I can see the top of the tooth coming up through my gums. Now I know how my daughter feels when she is teething. It’s annoying as hell. Luckily, cold and hot temperatures don’t really bother me but it hurts a little when I try to chew food on that side of my mouth. I figured I might as well make a dentist appointment and get things taken care of. I probably haven’t seen a dentist close to 10 years now. The last time I went in with my mom to get braces and they told me I would need to get my wisdom teeth pulled first because my mouth is still small to handle them when they come through (yep, it sure is). Well, before we could get the ball rolling my dad fell off his truck while moving things and tore his rotor cuff on his shoulder and my parents didn’t have a lot of money and good insurance so we decided to take care of my dad instead of my teeth. Years went by and I never took the initiative to go back to get it done. Now I’m 27 years old and my wisdom tooth is starting to rear its ugly head. Sooooo, I figured I’ll just get everything done I need to. I figure I’ll need to get them pulled and then get braces to fix the crooked teeth. I have a tooth on the bottom row that’s pretty bad and because my wisdom tooth is trying to come in its pushing on my other teeth and it’s really affecting that tooth. So I guess we’ll see if the dentist will want to pull that tooth too or if braces will put it back in place. I’m not real thrilled to wear braces at 27 years but I figured I better take care of my teeth now before it gets too late and too bad. AND it’s not like I need to worry about my appearance much anyway. I’m already married with a kid. I’m not a good looking woman anyway so I don’t need to worry about impressing anyone. I do workout to try to loose weight but I’m not really getting very far. I don’t really have anything going for me anymore so why should it matter if I’m 27 and wearing braces like a 15 year old. It will be nice to not feel self-conscious about my teeth once I get the braces off and I’ll have nice straight teeth for once. I do hope I can at least wear the clear braces instead of the metal ones. 

So I guess I’ll just wait and see what the dentist says tomorrow. I’m glad I got an appointment soon because this pain is rather annoying. I’m going to the same dentist my husband just went to last month for a crowning. He says he likes them so we’ll see. 

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