Can’t handle

Some people don’t know how lucky they are until they lose everything they have. I’m one of these people, and I’m losing it all.  But I can write about my losses another day, maybe tomorrow, it’s just that I’m trying to remark my sadness.

So, I’m really stressed about my school, and my life. I DONT HAVE TIME TO DO ALL THE THINGS THAT I NEED TO DO.

You know these days when everything seems to be getting wrong? So today is definitely one of these days. I had a school work for tomorrow but I couldn’t do it bc the computer is not working, and I have to choose a photo on the computer for my graduation but I think I’ve lost all my pics from when I was young, but idk if I wanna do my graduation party because in dollar it’s about 1000 dollars and I wanna buy I new cellphone and I could use the money for it, but as my friends told me I will only graduate my senior year once and I can buy a new cellphone next year, but I need to read tons of books for my exmans and I don’t have time to read them and there are so many things going on in my life and I feel lost and there is this cute boy that I’m secretly dating and just my besties know about him bc he was one of my classmate’s ex and she can’t know about it but I need someone right now because I’m so stressed and idk what to do with my life. 

Thanks for “listening” to me

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  1. Try to look at it this way, your life is way more interesting, full of challenges and adventures then any other normal person. You tackle challenges every day, you make difficult choices every day.

    This is called life and it is proof that you are indeed living.

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