Day 199 – Almost like any other day

Tuesday, September 13th 2016

Today was almost like any other. I had alimentation first and we talked about how we get different foods throughout Canada and our influences. Then I had coding and that was fun, but I arrived at a challenge and now I’m confused about the h1, h2, etc. but I’ll figure out something.

Then I ate lunch with Kohai and we finished The Call. The movie was very good, yet the characters were so frustrating. I recommend it.

Then we had a math quiz and I had a 3-, because of my calculation errors. At least it’s not an important quiz and I can redeem myself for the test.

We finished with technology and our teacher was wondering why we haven’t started our podcast, but a few jokes and explanations later, we promised him that we’re gonna be done in time, we’re just gathering info.

When I got home I moderated the server a little, worked on creative, then did some homework, played Dead by Daylight a bit and helped on the Beta server.

That’s all for today.

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