My Tuesday journal

Woke up to late to go to gym. Maybe I had too much beer last night. 4 bottles of beer got me get up late in the morning. I got to the office around 10:30 AM today but got a lot done. Almost done with next page on the current project and got a layout for the third page. Still need to implement interactive parts but it’s going good so far. Worked till almost 7 PM then went to skating at downtown LA. 9 people tonight and the vibe was little down overall. However, it was still fun and I had a great time as always. Skated around 10 miles around the city then I just drove back to home and stopped by at the Korean restaurant that I have been wanting to try on the way back. Decent restaurant I’m just glad that I finally got to try. Back home and shower. 11:57 PM now. Probably going to go to sleep soon. Got lots of things to do but I don’t seem like have enough time lately. Gotta make time for doing some of those stuffs before Miao comes visit me this weekend.

Goodnight All!

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