Well hi.. I’m not that great of a writer but i am going to try and tell you about myself. I am an 18 year old girl who is from Oklahoma (U.S.). I have had a weird life you can say that is for sure. My sophomore year of high school during fall break I had surgery on my left ear. Once i woke up I started having hearing loss. Now you might say this is normal well this wasn’t because I lost all my hearing in my left ear completely it is a dead ear. Now i am loosing my hearing in my right ear as well. I am now a senior in high school and about to go to college. I want to take you on a journey called my life if you will let me. Well my name is…. well i am not going to tell you my name because what is the fun in that.

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  1. Observant Bystander is right. It is a friendly community. You can say anything you need to say. I’m sorry about your hearing. God bless you! Will hearing aids help any?
    I pray for you to hear, in Jesus’ Name!

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