Need to start writing AGAIN!!

OMG! it’s been years since I’ve had an online diary. I’ve been wanting to write for quite sometime now, but never found anything on line that caught my attention. I did have “teen open dairy” for many years . They recently are no longer in business I guess blahh! I’m looking forward to making .. possibly other journal buddies?? lmao.. I love getting feedback, comments etc… I’m out of it. What’s  new. Also if you end up reading a lot of run on sentences… it’s as if I’m actually talking.  So now you know why.. It’s all good this aint ENGLISH class oki dokie???

I’m cray! I’ve been obsessing over cakes, cupcakes, rosettes… I think it’s part of my anxiety. I’m super excited about my baby bear’s first bday. I  want it to be super special and perfect.. and of course nothing is. She is just my heart and soul.. my everything, my first blood.  Hashtag adopted hahah….

Anyway I am all over the place now…. But yahhhh cake ordered for pickup in November. I initially wanted to do a giant cupcake, but this one place was charging freakin 80… so I went to another place .. way cheaper. BUT then again my anxiety issues after setting up the order in person.. I changed my mind the next day. Just because the ones that they have made there seem uhhhh I just wasn’t feeling it. SOOOO to relieve my stress / anxiety I have decided on just a regular round rosette cake with some decor..I’ll explain in another entry.

SO!! Ava’s bday outfit came in, her photo outfit should be here tomorrow. sooo excited . I’m doing a smash cake photography as well . EFFIN expensivo!!! This kid !everything that I am doing are things that I didn’t have or got to do as a kid… I’m a crazy partially single first time mom lol.. Will explain that in future entries as well..

Wow ok!  I wrote my first entry.. Wel Done Rin Rin… Until the next one.

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