My oldest sister died 3 yrs ago from heroin od   I was shocked and not.  She was n her late 40s she started with cocaine yrs ago in her 20s with the guy J she was with for over 20 yrs and pills and alcohol. I’ve seen it all the big drug dealers lol that did scare me both my sisters worked in strip clubs. Both had great figures they ruled lol lol I didn’t do that shit to me it was nasty gross men. Seedy. My sisters had taken me n a few they were well my older sister was dating the owner. Anyways me I would go to skating rink every Friday and sat night dancing won two dance contest lol.  Id go to school then work gd ritzy restaurant   I was wild but n different way lol id drink with friends lol dated much older men lol wasn’t into school boys lol 

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