Clutter everywhere

Does anyone have suggestions for organizing clutter?  We have a small house and over 30 years we have accumulated TOO MUCH STUFF.  Most of it is not trash.  We already have a storage unit we pay $40/month for.  I look at my house and get overwhelmed.  It’s like I have no power for cleaning and straightening.  I think it’s too many decisions to make.  A lot of sentimental clutter, too.  My hubby who is so wonderful is as bad as I am about hoarding and not knowing how to even START cleaning up.  I am ashamed for people to come over and see our mess.  I have also decorated the house very pretty with a theme of hearts and wreaths.  Not too fluffy; there’s a brick fireplace and matching bookcases on either side.  It could be a truly beautiful albeit small house.  I feel so ashamed.  Any ideas?

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  1. Unfortunately I am as bad as you when it comes to organising and getting rid of things, I have bought some really pretty large storage boxes which can be stacked up/ put under tables etc for things I can’t get rid of but know I want to keep and will use someday! Have you ever watched that hoarders programme? Whenever I feel ashamed I watch that and it makes me feel a lot better about the state of my own house

  2. hi, savedbygrace: thank you for the encouragement.. It’s strange trying to navigate… like my compass is broken.. so thank you. I would love to receive a copy of your book! so kind! isn’t kindness wonderful? it’s one of my favorite things… besides high speed internet :p though I can’t find your email, you have mine. Not sure if I had it before where it is. thanks…dustin…I’ll reply in full to your response later: I’m on lunch break

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