Day 200 – Dead phone, new phone

Wednesday, September 14th 2016

Didn’t know Goodnight Journal had an app. Well, gonna be using this from now on.

Today was alright. My phone seemed to die completely, but I’ll go into detail later.

I had technology first and Kohai and I worked on getting news stories. We also started taking the personality quizzes for Harry Potter. I got Ravenclaw again for what, the sixth time?

Then we had math and it was a work period.

I ate lunch in the technology class and Kohai joined me so we could do the wand quiz. Surprise surprise, I got the same one.

Then I had coding so I didn’t have to move. I finished the first challenge and now I’m going into the fourth chapter of HTML.

I finished with alimentation and we prepared for the soup we’re making Friday as well as made some coffee; French vanilla coffee/latte(?) and Pumpkin Spice latte. Finally, a caffeine that I like; the pumpkin spice that we made, a healthy version of it and not the one you get at Starbucks, tasted good.

When I got home I told my dad about my phone and we tried everything that we could do make it work, but it didn’t. I helped out on the server and after we are we left to get me a new phone, since we were gonna get one anyway, so might as well get one now since my other doesn’t work anymore. I got the LG G4, which is the one I’m using now. It seems fine so far. I think I just have to customize it a little or get used to it. It has a much bigger screen, more space, better resolutuon and it is much easier to type; I make less typos. I’m still sad though, since I might have lost a lot on my other phone. Unless it did an automatic backup, I would have lost my dream journal, notes, pictures and videos. I should have done backups… I really hope I can get them back. I had memories of my deceased cat on there and it would suck to just not have those videos or photos anymore.

That’s all for today.

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