Alright I had someone ask me for advice the other day. What did they ask?

Well I had an 11 year old come up to me (I know her) and she asked me what she should do when a friend of hers is always all about herself and never wants to ever do anything that she wants to do, it was only all about her friend and her friends needs.

I told her exactly what I felt was neccesary for an 11 year old to know. I told her that that wasn’t a good friend. I said if your friend doesn’t care about you and anything you want to do at all than maybe it was time to find some new friends and distance yourself from someone like that.

She almost about cried herself away from me.

All I could do was sit there and hug her because I felt so bad.

But it’s true! If someone is all about themselves and never want to do anything or know anything about you other than when you are able to hang out. Than it is most likely time to move on and find someone who is more interested in you than themselves. A lot of things might go through your mind at the time, but always remember that you are you and all human beings need to know that they are wanted and loved


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