I see ghosts…… My sister’s spirit/ Army National Guard

As I said in my last post the night that my sister died was not the last time I came into contact with her spirit. My sister’s spirit continues to interact with me after 6 years of her departing this world. 

Now as I said previously I was raised catholic. My mother and father both were raised in that faith and I followed suite as well as my sister and younger brother. Being catholic we are taught that the gift I possess is workings of the devil and are frowned upon by the church. However, after my sister’s passing our family separated itself from the church, but we continue to practice beliefs in the afterlife as we were taught. We still believe in a higher being and that bad things happen to bad people as well as the reverse, good things happen to good people. 

After my first interaction with my sister’s spirit I believed that what I had experienced was truly just a fluke thing. It wasn’t until a year ago that I started believing that what I was doing/ able to do were spiritual abilities. My sister’s spirit interacted with me in many ways when I first started out. At first it was the dream, then the radio in my first car played a song that was on my iPod. This song was one of her favorites. I remember sitting in the car with my life long friend Michelle. The song playing wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was the fact that it kept getting louder and louder. We both sat in silence as the numbers that indicated sound increased until they were at their highest. We both sat there silently until the song finished and then it decreased back to where it was previously. We never spoke of it again. 


There are many other times that my sister continued to try to get my attention. As they say Spirit wants what Spirit wants. Because of my lack of knowing or believing she was going to make herself known to me in several different ways. First premonition, then radio, next smell (her lotion she always used smelled of sandal wood), next visual. I have came to know that when I see a dragonfly that it is a symbol of my sister wither it be approval, showing that she is still present, or just a reminder of good things.

As I’m telling you these things I want to remind you that I never came to any of my family with any of this with fear that they would think I was crazy and truthfully I wasn’t so sure that I wasn’t crazy.

My junior year of high school I  joined the Army National Guard with my parents permission at the age of 17. Spirits were very new to me still being only a year after my sister passed away. I honestly have no idea why I even joined to this day. All I can say is that it felt like something I needed to do. I have now been in for 5 years and am still going strong and plan to fulfill 20 years of service. This time was very trying for me because I was only 17 and stepping into some very big boots. I was sent from Oregon, where I live, to South Carolina (Fort Jackson). I had never been this far from home and I should have been scared, but inside I was confident that I would do well. It was almost like I had done it all before. I did well. Very well and being the youngest there I was put in charge of 60 people as a test and remained in that position throughout Basic Training. During this time I had the reoccurring dream about my sister nightly that I would say it almost bordered on night terrors. Other than these dreams I had no interaction with Spirits.

When I came home spirits were not prevalent and continued not to interact with me on the level they are now for quite a long time. I graduated high school and started attending Eastern Oregon University. Still no further or increasing abilities. I was last year around April that I got a call from my mother. She sounded upset and a little disturbed. She told me that my grandmother Eileen had cancer. This wasn’t a massive surprise because she smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for many years now. But since our family is riddled with death…. She and my other Grandmother are the only grandparents I have left. Both of m grandfathers died before I was 6. It hit me rather hard. Eileen was told that she only had a few weeks to live if she decided against doing chemo and radiation. She never wanted to do these treatments as discussed before she was diagnosed. My aunt Kay on the other had proceeded to badger her into doing them. You’ll learn that aunt Kay isn’t liked at all in our side of the family and after Eileen’s passing has been “written off”. 

Eileen was rather close to us children, my sister, brother, and I, for a rather long time. Mostly due to convenience and how close we lived to each other. She stepped in as the mothering role on many occasions due to the fact that our parents were busy running businesses of their own and didn’t have time for our childhood needs. During her treatments Eileen would get what is called “chemo brain”. She wouldn’t remember where she was and would always ask to “go home”. I loved her dearly and we had been through so much together I was rather hard for me to see her wither away in front of our eyes. It was during this time when I started to open up to my mother about my abilities. (only 8 months ago). When I was at Annual Training for national guard I remember getting a call from my mother and hearing that somber voice again. I was prepared for her to tell me that my grandmother had died. Instead we got different news. My aunt Julia had committed suicide. After years of being a successful attorney, but also being an alcoholic and prescription drug user she had finally went through with what she had been telling us for years. My mother and I flew down to AZ with my uncle Bert to arrange her estate. I was during this visit when I found out a lot about my mother, myself, and my uncle. When we entered my Aunt Julia’s home that she had been renting I kept seeing shadow people running room to room. These spirits however weren’t my aunt’s or anyone that I knew. Which at the time was rather new to me. The felt like child spirits at play. This didn’t scare me, but peaked my interest. I said nothing to my mother or uncle. 

As we cleaned out her house the spirits continued to play. My mother peering down the hallway yelled at me to spot playing and to get back to work because we had a lot to do. I was behind her watching the spirits too. She SAW THEM TO! I tapped her on the shoulder and about scared her out of her skin. I really wasn’t crazy. That night all three of us sat in our hotel room and talked about spirits.

My mothers abilities:

Although my mother say spirits that day she doesn’t continue to see them or feel them. She lost her abilities long ago. She used to have premonitions, but being Catholic her mother literally in every sense of the word BEAT THE SPIRITS OUT OF HER. Her mother was very physically abusive. My grandmother Willy  is Hispanic and came to the United States in her late 20’s. Catholicism is very thick in this side of the family. My mother believes that her visions stopped as a mechanism of defense. Spirit knew she was in danger so they stopped coming to her.

My Uncles abilities:

My uncle on the other hand had a wide range of abilities at a young age. He however has lost some as he has gotten older. He used to see and hear spirits. He is also what he calls “a dream walker”.  He visits places in his dreams. He will then visit them in real life and people will ask “Where have you been? We haven’t seen you in a while” and he in real life has never been to these destinations. 


You could say that on this side of the family abilities run deep. After leaving my aunts in AZ I continued to see spirits more and more. My abilities started to grow. My grandmother Eileen on the other hand continued to wither. She started having full blown conversations with her husband that passed when I was 2, and my sister that had passed 6 years before. This was strange to me, but now I realize that she had a spirit line and it was thickening with every day. She was getting closer and closer to passing. She ate less and less and got to the point where drinking was even a task. It was Christmas and she didn’t even enjoy it because she had no idea what day it was. She was terminal and the chemo and radiation never worked for her. She passed the 27th of January. I sat with her all day that day as I could sense her pull to the spirit world. I laid my hair on her stomach and she rested. She knew what was about to happen. She ran her hand across my cheek, held my hand, I still remember how her hands were so worn that she didn’t have texture to them anymore. As soon as I left that night to go home to my new house and to be in the arms of my boyfriend I felt relief and I knew she had passed. She didn’t want me to see her die. I curled up into my boyfriends arms and cried and cried. As soon as I got the call that she had passed I felt numb and truly I didn’t want to go back to her home. I arrived for my father and my little brother mostly. I felt negative spirit for the first time. I didn’t want to be there. I asked to leave as soon as possible and my mother agreed. I watched them remove my grandmother from her home and that was the last time I remember feeling 1/2 alright in her home. 


Two months later my mother and I entered her home. I felt the negative spirits that I believe my aunt Kay left there and were waiting for her. My aunt Kay is a terrible soul. She force fed my grandmother Eileen, belittled her, made her feel like a child and brought nothing but negative energy when she was at Eileen’s home. I believe she left that there. I myself felt the wrath of that energy. These spirits reached out for me and it felt as if they wanted to really hurt someone. I told my mother never to go in there again and I never have since. 

Two weeks later against what I told her my mother entered Eileen’s home and found a dead crow spread wings in the middle of her home, but there was no way for it to have gotten in.  If you have ever seen any scary movies or know anything of the afterlife you know that crows are bad news. It was meant to be there for aunt Kay and when I told my mother that she agreed not to touch it. These spirits were mad at Kay and for a good reason. When aunt Kay cleaned out the house she touched the crow and removed it from the home. I believe that those spirits are now following her and are affecting her to this day.

As of now I see and feel different spirits in my own home. On occasion I hear them, see them, but mostly feel them. It is overwhelming trying to keep things together and separate from my “real” life. My boyfriend supports me and what I can do, but also has started to hear things as well. 

Stick with me as things unfold and I tell you about things I have learned 🙂

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