My first love

So here’s the deal… at the beginning of 2016 during a school trip to Budapest I met this guy who went to the same school as me but was in a different class. We started to get to know each other and everything was amazing, I had the best time with him and every time we went out on dates I always felt so happy, but a kind of happiness and pure joy that I’ve never felt before. Things were going so well but out of the blue something happened and we stopped seeing each other (tbh I was craving to see him again, I guess I was just too proud to ask him out). After a month or two of feeling like shit I decided that I had to forget him for good and trust me that was not easy. Once I thought “ok, thats it, I don’t even like him anymore” (which was last month btw) I met him multiple times while taking some tests to get into university (so we also picked the same schools, great..).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I just now realised that I loved him. I never said that to him cause first of all we never properly dated and secondly I wasn’t really sure I even knew what love is but now after months I can say that I loved and I probably always will love that guy. And I’m not just saying that, I can explain why I feel that way, but thats probably for another post cause this one is already so flipping long..

K bye

P.S. using comic sans cause why not?


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