Positive Flashbacks

This morning i guess my mind is still stuck in the pattern i have mentioned in other posts of giving me flashbacks. However, for a change this morning they were positive ones rather than the usual negative. I had a really good night sleep and I’m wondering if this change from negative to positive is a result of the feeling of achievement every morning from not smoking a cigarette the night before and sleeping through. I think I’m now on day 4? Completely smoke free after being a smoker for 16 years! Wow! Well done me!

Anyway thoughts of what i would call ‘the best years of my life’ have left me with a smile on my face today. This was secondary school for me; i loved it and would do it all over again if i could. Back then i was a version of myself that was carefree, spontaneous, confident, naughty, academically smart and very popular. By the latter years, I was one of the strongest characters in probably the biggest girl group in the school. We were loud, confident and proud lol the teachers loved us even though me and my best friend were rebels and literally always getting in trouble.

The flashback i had around an hour ago was of my prom. It was amazing! I was with my first ever boyfriend at the time and very much in ‘love’. I haven’t gone into detail about it previously but when i first started dating S i fell out with my girl group. Thinking back i don’t remember too well why this happened but it was something along the lines of me not telling my best friend at the time that i had started seeing S lol. How stupid but then again i was only 14 and these things mattered at the time.

When my prom date arrived i remember not being as close to my girls as i had been throughout my school years. But this didn’t affect me much if I’m honest because i had become inseparable from S and he had my complete attention most of the time. I remember i wore a cream skin tight dress with shoes to match and had straightened my crazy curls to submission. I remember feeling like a princess when i arrived at school to get on the couch. All the boys in my year stared at me lol and S held my hand the entire night. It was one of the best nights of my young life. It puts a smile on my face thinking back to it. I remember feeling sad that school was over and wishing we could stay. The teachers let loose and partied with us; completely hilarious and i loved every minute of it. I know now that my prom was literally the last night of that era.

Before the prom there was a set of questions put out for the students in which we were required to vote. The awards were to be held on prom night. It puts a HUGE smile on my face to reveal that I won ‘best fashion sense’ and ‘best legs’ lol. I remember bouncing with joy out of my boyfriends lap to go and get the certificates. They are still nicely tucked away in my drawer. What an amazing memory to be dwelling on this morning 🙂


4 thoughts on “Positive Flashbacks”

  1. Wow for you! Best fashion sense AND best legs! But more than that, you’ve quit smoking! Cheers, applause, shouts of encouragement~!!! I’m so proud of you!!!

  2. Thankyou so much Savedbygrace =D can’t quite believe I’ve actually done it! Lots of love xx

  3. Well done on stopping smoking!!! That’s a fantastic achievement! And loved reading your high school memories

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