Back in school!

Dear diary,

I am back in school! I recentely started my 2nd year in college. I’ve been looking forward to it a lot. Right now I have the giant urge to do homework(I’ve never felt like  this before!).

It almost went wrong though. I am missing a lot of studypoints from my first year, so I almost wasn’t allowed to enter the second year. But thanks to my kind studycounceler they made an exeption for me.

Although I suffered from depression, I felt ashamed for not doing my best. I thought about my grandmother, from my msometimes tells mothers side, who I never met myself, but mom sometimes tells stories about her. Because she grew up in a poor family, they could only afford to send one child to high school. And because it was the old times, of course they chose the oldest boy. But he was never interested in school. He didn’t even try his best. My grandma, who wanted to go to school so so badly, was filled with anger seeing her brother waisting education like that. When I remembered this story, I felt so much shame. I grew up in a world where getting education is so much simpler than before, and I took it for granted. I prayed to grandma, and promised her that if I was allowed to stay in college, I would study my brains out!

And today, I got the e-mail that gave the final word. I can stay. I’m so happy! I’m gonna read and study so much this weekend!

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