Whenever we go to my Mom’s for supper (together with my sis and brother-in-law) I have trouble sleeping that night.  I can’t wind down. Especially tonight because there was a lot of talk about the election, etc.  I had put in a hard day and was tired already.  I’m just tired and wanted to talk to someone.  I don’t have anything valid to say.  There was some reminiscing about my childhood, which ALWAYS is a trigger that upsets me.  Well, I’m going back to bed and hope to sleep.

5 thoughts on “Confusion”

  1. I hope you got a good night sleep. You could try looking up on google, some simple breathing exercises that help your body relax. This helps me when I’m feeling anxious x

  2. Thank you Openbook. I do forget to deep breathe. I think it’s the subject matter that upset me. Politics is never pretty! LOL
    IamBlue – thank you for your email address! I appreciate your writing to me. Very much!

  3. I hope your childhood was not bad. Mine was terrible, a dreadful thing for a child to endure.
    And the political scene, I do not know what to say. I have abandoned all political speak on Facebook due to people who get offended or hurt. I am confused and lost, not knowing what to think or do. I really fit no mold of conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, I prefer to just call myself a Confederate, a Rebel, but with a cause. I cannot stand the hyphenation so many have become, for we are really just Americans for our nation was born form a melting pot, we are an alloy that makes us stronger.
    I hope you found peace and sleep.
    Breathe, dream, have faith and believe.

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