Day 201 – Tired

Thursday, September 15th 2016

Today was average. I had math first and it was a work period. Then I had technology and Kohai and I started the quizzes for Star Wars. We did a “Which character in The Force Awakens are you?” quiz. Without trying, I got Kylo Ren and she got Chewbacca.

I had lunch with Kohai, because my usual group of friends seemed to be absent and I also helped her with studying for her English quiz or test.

Then I had alimentation and we prepared for our lab tomorrow. We’re making chicken soup. We also had a fire drill and since we were on the topic of drills, our teacher told us if there was a real lockdown, she’d make us run instead of hiding in the back of the classroom, since that’s obvious.

I finished with coding, but I was very tired and not in the mood for working, so I did little work and spent more time on my phone. At some point my teacher said something and I said “What?” but he thought I said “Why?” (in French they sound similar) so I was confused as to what they said about me, but I carried on.

When I got home I worked on the server and started the map project with the help of another staff member. We finished it today, we just have to change the colour of the title since the owners said they’re changing the colour.

That’s all for today.

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