The last library you visited

The last library you visited


This is kind of a boring entry but it’s the topic prompt of the day so I will go with it. The last library I visited was at work this week actually. I work in a teaching hospital and one of the doctors I work for does research and needs articles pulled etc. I secretly like when he sends me to do this for him. I have always loved libraries from the time I was little. There’s something so calming about losing yourself in the rows on books.

There’s no cell phones, the rest of the world kind of disappears while you’re surrounded from head to toe by books and journals. I’ve always loved to read, mostly non fiction…I love novels about women rediscovering friendships, loves or themselves, especially if they take place in New England. I’m often drawn to books that take place at the cape since I spent summers there growing up and often times leave their feeling at peace with myself. I also love the murder mysteries, the real life crime dramas and autobiographies. Books have always been a safe place for me, when my ex husband and I would fight I would leave the house and go to Barnes and Nobles or the Library and read. They provide an escape from life.

I got a bit sidetracked there, sorry…the last library was all educational books, 3 stories of medical journals and books I could wander around for hours there.  Spiral staircases, cubies on each side of the library for students to study. Couches on the 3rd floor for residents to nap.  I actually feel really lucky that I work in a place that has a library.


*I am part of everything I have ever read*



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