Thursday, 9/15/16, 10:50pm, home in bed

I had court at 9 today but as I hoped, it was over pretty quick and I made it to class on time.  I couldn’t climb much because I feel so weak from being sick.  After that I went to OBC to hang out with Chels and get a little work done.  I ate some bad things there.  But not the blueberry muffin from Two Birds Bakery.  I don’t include that in the bad things. That was very very good. 😀  It was those pesky chocolate coconut energy bars. Damn them.  Chels was looking for jobs and she showed me the gigs and talent section of craigslist.   I started applying for all these sexy housekeeper jobs. One guy just wanted a hooker so I told him to fuck off.  Another guy only wanted to pay $30/hour.   Meh.  

Then I met up with Laura at Roja for her birthday. That was fun but a little too quick.  Then I left to go to Temple Israel for a showing of Lemon Tree. I love that movie.  It was so great to see it again.  There was good discussion afterward.  That’s it. Kind of a lame day.  I feel really anxious and unsettled.  I haven’t been meditating and I really need to get back to it every day. I’m so grouchy.  My anger is so horridly surprising at times. I’m a menace to society; I should be locked up. 🙁


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