Day 202 – Interesting turn

Friday, September 16th 2016

Today started normal, but took an interesting turn.

I started out with coding and we had a substitute teacher. At some point I was watching YouTube and he asked me what the work was, but I thought he was catching me not doing my work, so I lied to him it that my YouTube video was music and then I realized what he really asked for and I felt horrible for straight up lying like that. I’m sorry.

Then I had alimentation and our teacher got mad. Really mad. Two out of the four teams did not do what she said and did it horribly. She was so angry, she was red, raising her voice and dropped the longer version of “wt*”. It was scary for us all, cause we didn’t know which teams were in the wrong and that would be getting a zero. Luckily, our team was in the clear and we ended up making a very good chicken and vegetable soup. Our teacher even said it was, so I’m sure we got a pretty good grade. I spent most of the time helping with dishes and small food tasks here and there.

I had lunch with my close friends and I told them about my teacher getting angry. They understood because they had a story where a teacher was too afraid of her so he gave her his Chromebooks that he thought he reserved for the day, but that she needed.

Then I had technology and we had the same substitute teacher and he still thought we had programming. I spent time translating personality quizzes while Kohai was studying math and stressing for the test.

We had the math test and I know I screwed up the last and fourth question, but other than that it went well. Our last year teacher substituted and although I used to like him, I didn’t like the way he was talking, saying things like “You should know that at your level.” Like, excuse me I don’t remember what we learned months ago or have a degree in math like you do.

When I got home I took care of doing the drop party on the server. It went well. Also someone called Kohai and noob on the server and I got protective a little, haha.

That’s all for today.

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