Friday with Miao

Breakfast at Republique with Miao, went work around 11 AM to 3:30 PM then met him back at Farmers market in the grove. Had some beer at my apartment roof top in the hot tub. Back in to the apartment, took a short nap then drove to Santa Monica.

Skated about 40 mins before the Friday night skate then did entire 14 miles with everyone including a parking structure and California incline. I felt little tired at the beginning but got much better as we go on. Great skate! We went to InandOut after the skate in Culver city and got animal style double double for each. It was a lot of food we both couldn’t finish the fries. It was very good tho!

Back home and took a shower. We were thinking about going out but it was already 1 AM when we got home. So we slept in for tomorrow. Good day with Miao!

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