Opposites attract,
until at least one of them cracks
It’s just an undeniable fact
Just a temporary madness
which thankfully didn’t last
They all say it’s for the best

No father’s son
but Mama’s unwanted boy
thinking he’s the entitled one
treating every girl like a toy
Oh, what sick joy!
No wonder they told her to run, baby run
run far away

Daddy’s warrior princess
but Mama’s greatest worry
almost trapped in a damaging kind of mess
yet their warning has helped her flee
The two shall never be
She knew that she’d be sorry
if she’d chosen to stay
dragged into a different ending of this story

Two sides of a coin
Oh, what’s the bloody point?
He never said he was heaven-sent
but she’s been saved by her own skepticism
This drama was bound to be her destruction
Thankfully, she’s finally cut the cord and moved on!


(Jakarta, 7/9/2016 – 6:00 pm)

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