It has been 3 days since Debbie’s surgery. She is recovering very nicely, today is the first time she has become irritable, feeling claustrophobic from the splint and having to stay in bed, sort of confined to the upstairs of our home. She has not displayed the amount of pain I thought, feared, she may have. She is managing very well, it appears, with her pain medications. I have been sleeping with her every night after the first night of surgery, that night, staying downstairs on the sofa as I felt she need the space in the bed and to not be bothered by my tumbling and restless sleep. Today I went back and lay in bed with her, but I was not much comfort as I fell fast asleep. 

During the day Debbie’s mother comes and stays with her until I get home from work. This is very good as her mom keeps her company and gets her food and drink when needed. I think the worst thing for Debbie is the inability to shower. She is wearing a splint with some really heavy padding, but it is not strong enough to support her if we were to put it in the protective sleeve she bought, once in a cast she will be able to use that and take a shower.

Friday she was really upset, as I have applied for FMLA and it is not administered by my employer, instead being outsourced to a contractor and they have made it so difficult as it is nigh impossible to use. She had to have her mother go to her surgeon to get the forms and then return them and pay a $25 fee for the filing. What ever happened to the good old days of an employer taking care of their employees.

Today I have been puttering about the house, catching up the laundry and fixing little meals for us. I have tried to spend equal time with her and doing my thing watching television. I love watching  “The Rifleman” and old WWII movies, and on Saturday mornings they play “The Rifleman” until noon and then I found an old John Wayne WWII movie. After that I went upstairs to be with Debbie and found myself fast asleep beside her, I was not much company.

I found my Allen Wrenches and one to fit the bolts to install my handlebar bag on my Indian. I still have not heard if the saddle and its credit have occurred or if the bumpers and luggage rack have arrived. I have been searching online for a navigation system for my bike and Bluetooth speakers to install in my helmet. I am still searching for two leather bags in which I can pack stuff to travel on my bike. I am looking at a small Eureka Tent and a light weight sleeping bag and pad. I have an ultra light stove and battery light and some freeze dried meals. I have most of the stuff I need, but am still seeking a shelter.

I totally love riding the highway on my Indian. My Harley was just not a good highway bike, it was twitchy and seemed to be in need of another gear once you got up to 70 mph or so. The Harley Davidson Night Train is a beautiful bike and a blast in town, but for me it seemed lacking as a highway traveling bike.

Oh yes…..
On Thursday I got my first “Santa” of the year! A sweet little boy with his family were in a restaurant I was inspecting and I could see it in his eyes and sure enough he thought I was Santa and he seemed a bit confused by Santa working. When the little ones do question me I tell them I am just out watching to make sure the little boys and girls are good. I do not claim to be Santa or do I deny it as I want to keep the dream alive for the children. Life is cruel enough and childhood so fleeting, I refuse to ruin what innocence they have. This year I am on a big red motorcycle and I will be wearing my Santa hat and red hood under my leather jacket and with the passenger backrest and luggage rack I will be able to secure things and I will be doing as many Toy Runs as I can. I may even take up the offer of employment as a Santa at a local restaurant, they offered to hire me last year and I refused and have this year sent message to me to come and be their Santa this year. I offered the gig to another fellow I met at an inspection, his beard is beautiful, looking like a fake Santa beard. I do not know if he will do the job, if not I shall. I need to get a new prescription in my little round Civil War glasses, they are so cool I had blue lens put in them and will keep that.

Guess this is all for now.

I bid you peace. 

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