Faith, Religion, Guns, Guts, and a Rebel Soul….

In the last posting I touched on my Faith. I believe in God and He is a beautiful, loving, strong, and friendly God. But He also instructs me to defend family and friends and to keep my Faith.

Some people view me a hater, clinging to my Bible and guns. I am called ultra Right Wing Conservative. Some even fear me, considering me to be the terrorist. 

But I am a mixture of many things. I am a quandary of conundrum.

I love and accept all people, of all faiths. It matters not if they follow God, Allah, Buddha, Shiva or Satan. I believe we are all equal, I see no problem with so called gay marriage.

We are all people, humans, want to live and love, to be accepted and to coexist in peace with everyone.

I am a strong believer in a persons choice to not own a weapon. 

I believe that no one has a right to tell me how to live my life and to protect my life.

I believe in Southern Pride. To me the Confederate Battle Flag represents all those that fought and die in the American Civil War. That Flag honors the men that died, the ultimate sacrifice for what they believed in. I am an American by birth, a Southerner by the grace of God. I cannot hate an object, I do not understand how people can hate a flag or monument. The Civil War is settled and done. We need to remember our history or we are doomed to repeat it.

I believe strongly in the Second Amendment. It is the keystone to our freedom and liberty. We are the ultimate in checks and balances. We are taught that the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and Judaical Branch are the checks and balances of our government.

But there is a fourth, the armed common man, the roots of our country. The life blood and soul of America. Armed citizens, the common man, fought the greatest military power of their known World. Great Britain was in control of most of the World, its Army and Navy were professionals. Yet we as a young country came together, actually a minority of men, and threw off the mantle of colonialism. Most colonists were content to live under the rule of the King as lets face it, most were British subjects that came to this land. But a band of men seeing the possibilities of freedom revolted against the Crown and fought a bloody war to gain independence.

I will fight if needed to assure the safety of my family and friends. 

People often say what can a man with one gun do against a military force?

One man can be the beginning of the fight. He can be the first crack in a damn of terror, starting the damage that will eventually cause collapse.

If the Second Amendment were to fall then the rest of the Bill of Rights will slowly collapse like dominoes.

The Freedom of Speech will fall, we already see attempts to crush that Right. Some factions call for any speech that does not follow their thinking should be deemed hate speech and then be forbidden. With out conflicting thought and speech are we really a free people? Imagine if you will a World were everyone has to think and act alike. 

Then there is religion. What if you were told your religion had to stop, be eliminated because it makes others upset and repressed, just because you believe different than them.

The list can go on and on…..

We can love each other and live in peace, but no one has the right to dominate me and mine, thinking they and their ways are superior.

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