My So Called Life

I had a busy Saturday. I had practice , then went to the store, graded papers, went on a date, graded papers, went on another date. Actually, I suppose I liked it better to go on 2 dates on the same day. That left the whole day today free from dating hell. Both of the guys I went out with yesterday were very nice. I feel like I really hit it off with the second one. BUT, I still just want my husband back. That’s all i want. Why does he have to be such an asshole. Why does he refuse to even give me a chance. I feel like he’s making people hate me left and right, and I am not even with him. They hate him, so now they hate me, but I’m not even with him. He hates me, too. My friend’s husband would not even look at me yesterday. What the hell? There’s no telling what Brent has done to him, but why is he treating me bad for it. d

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