Review of Last Night….

 Last night was a good night as I slept very comfortable. It was a date to mark as I did not have to use any pain medication! But this morning I am hurting in the lower back region so I have medicated to get ahead of the pain.

Debbie is doing well, she says she can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Rained last night and both Indians got wet, will need to go out and dry them off.

I glanced briefly at the news and saw there were multiple bombs and bombing last night in New York and New Jersey. Drifting over Drudge I saw that ISIS has claimed responsibility. And I saw a primitive attacked people in Minnesota with a knife while yelling Allah. I call these people primitives or animals as I feel they do not belong in the human race. I am very accepting and understanding and hold no prejudice against anyone. But I draw the line when a group of creatures want to exterminate me because I do not and will not follow their religion. As I have stated before, I am not a religious man, but I have FAITH, I believe in that FAITH. I trust and believe in God and He is my Higher Power. I believe in peace and love of my fellow man, until that man decides I must convert or die for his religion, not his belief system.

I am sure these words will get me branded by some as a hate filled idiot, a xenophobe. But I understand them and their politics. All non believers must convert or die. They do not even like different sects of the same theocracy.

All for now, more later.

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