Weekly Reflection (WK1)

Sunday 18/9

On Monday, the Happify App had a kindness chain, where I sent a compliment to one of my best friends, saying how thoughtful they are and how grateful I am about our friendship. This activity initiated a conversation which made me more connected with my best friend. (See Appendix F)

The Positive Intervention Study is a week-long activity. I had to complete a survey about my own personal well-being and also mention some of things that I would like to do more often to boost my happiness. Throughout the week, they would send me emails as a reminder to engage in activities that made me happy. (See Appendix H)

Mindfulness Meditation helped with tense muscles and worrisome thoughts I had built up throughout the week, concerning assignments and due dates. (See Appendix D)

On Wednesday, I read an article titled “6 Surprising Effects of Music on the Brain” on the Happify App and it provided an insight into how music has positive influences on our mental well-being. (See Appendix B)

I completed the first Self-Assessment activity and attached are the results to my overall level of happiness. (See Appendix I)

On Friday, I completed another Self-Assessment activity called “Approaches to Happiness” and below are the results. I had previously completed this survey during class on the 22nd of September and the results was somewhat different from one another. My Pleasant Life and Good Life score was higher than my current score however my Meaningful Life score was higher in my second attempt (See Appendix J, K and L). I’m assuming that this due to the way I felt today with all the assignments and due dates, putting all my personal/relaxation activities to a stop.

Mindfulness Meditation was easier to practice on a Sunday morning because everyone at home was still asleep so there was peace and quiet. (See Appendix E)

I got to spend quality time with my family. We went to eat out together at a nearby restaurant to celebrate my sister’s birthday and my brother’s graduation. Before, during and after the meal, there is always a flow of conversation happening which I feel has strengthened my relationship with my family members. It’s nice to be able to share stories about what has happened in the past week and any events happening in the upcoming week.

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