There’s one song that Deedee and Snoochie like to play. It’s Cancer by MCR. It’s also Toothless’s anthem. We can’t help but rearrange the lyrics to better fit our own, personal experience with the disease. Every time I hear the song her diagnosis hits me like a stack of bricks dropped on my chest. I know that time is short.

Turn away…

Could you get me a drink?

Cause my lips are chapped and faded 

I don’t have the strength to do these simple things 

Why must we go every week?

I’ve never been a fan of car rides or the vet

Will you stay til the end

Rub your fingers through my fur

Don’t remember me

All soggy from my fentanyl 

Oh the agony

Cause baby, this just ain’t living

And I’m counting all the days til I go

Will you call my Emily

Help her gather all my things

And bury me in all my favorite colors

My sister’s and my brothers…

I will not kiss you

Cause the hardest part of this

Is leaving you

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