Dreaming of Days before “Baby Blue”

Postpartum Depression… Baby Blues… just laziness… overweight… get over it!  Yep, that is the digression I have faced the past year or so, and then some.  “Just get out of the house more and you’ll be fine”, “Lose some weight and you will feel SO much better!”, “EVERY Mom gets the Baby Blues like this, it’ll pass soon.”, “You have postpartum depression.  We are going to up your medication and if you aren’t better in a few weeks, we will admit you.”


When a Mother (Or Father, yes it can happen to them too!) get postpartum, it literally makes you feel like a crazy person!  No, you really DON’T want to die, or leave your children, or love them less.  It’s almost like there’s an evil being that’s fighting for space in your thoughts, but never makes it to your actions… thank goodness!  When you tell someone who’s depressed, of any kind, telling them to ‘get over it’ or if your solution to it is one sentence or less, than YOU are the one who needs to get help on compassion and understanding.  This is the worst thing I have ever been through to date, and I hope this is the hardest thing I have gone through for the rest of my life.  It’s like watching the movie “Men in Black” when the alien is in the human’s head running it… the depression is the alien.


I wish there was no stigma on postpartum… it’s a scary place to be and to handle.  I don’t have the answers, not even at all, but I am slowly getting back to myself and I hope everyone is able to get to that little sliver of light at the end. You can and WILL make it if you are handling any kind of depression… YOU ARE WORTH IT, and YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!

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  1. Having a baby is a major stress to your whole system. Then, before you can recover, you have full responsibility 24/7 of this helpless little being. It is enough to drive anyone into depression; hormones too. Even if your baby is a year old, you are still tired and haven’t gotten enough sleep all year. Yes, the baby is a precious blessing from God, but it is torture sometimes getting up in the night, etc. It’s just hard. It will change you forever, in a good way. BETTER DAYS are up ahead!!! I promise! That baby will become your greatest love and joy. You will laugh more than ever before in your life all put together. Ask God for help to survive the depression and get to the good part. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Know what that’s a Bible verse about? Childbirth! But weeping may endure for many many nights. Nevertheless, JOY will come. I pray you will be encouraged and find peace by talking to God, asking for help from Him. He will never fail you, and He loves you oh so much!!

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