Feeling fulfilled doing a productive pastime

I felt incredibly fulfilled and pleased with myself, as today with my free time at home I finally started doing something productive! I started playing the piano again, which I got a or of fun and pleasure out of! It was such an amazing, interesting, rewarding feeling and experience too, just doing something so productive and taking it up as my pastime! 

It was really great, as I had loads of fun playing various pieces and practicing them more and more as I go along so I get more and more confident and skilled with them! 

Usually when I have had free time at home in the afternoon I have tended to not really do much productive, just usually have just lounged around on the internet or whatever! However it feels so much more fun and interesting when you try doing something productive as a proper pastime! It feels like such a great way to fulfil myself and express myself too! 🙂 xxxx

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