I woke up at 11 am and I going back to sleep

I keep dreaming about my family. I think I miss them. I think I’m lonely out here even though I have friends. Friends that are really nice and good but I still always feel like I’m waiting for the day the stop calling.I miss my mom. If anyone can understand sleeping all day and having trouble facing the dullness of their reality, its her. She makes me feel normal and sane. I miss Kameron, he’s got a whole family now and I haven’t seen him in years….. I miss DC. I hate that I miss it cause I didn’t fit their either. I feel like I’ll never really fit anywhere. But the only place I know as comfortable is moms house. Where we can hide under our blankets and pretend that we’re okay. Who’s gonna do that with  me out here? Who’s gonna do it with her?

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