Last day with Miao

Just talked him about an hour ago through text that he just landed in Chicago and heading back to home. It was good weekend with him here in LA. We got up around 10 AM cause I woke up late lol. We went to the rooftop of Wilshire hotel to have a breakfast then headed to Griffith Observatory to see the scenery. The weather was crazy hot but it felt so good to be on the top of the mountain and look around the view. We walked around little bit there and headed to K-town for the lunch. I wanted to take him to the my favorite Korean restaurant where I went with Katja before but they don’t open till 5 PM today. So we had to find another place to go. Ended up at the Korean Chinese place but it turned out to be very good. We got 2 noodles and sweet and sour pork. Ate almost all of them then headed to air port after picking up his bags at my place. Dropped him off around 3:20 PM then headed back to home. Did a laundry and took a nap till 9 PM. 10:44 PM now and not sure if I’m gonna be okay to go to sleep again in maybe an hour lol

Good weekend! I gotta get back to normal life now. Still have lots of works to finish!

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