My thoughts

Well it’s Monday and most of us dislike Mondays because it’s the beginning of our working week. I try not to be that type of person, Why? Because I try to be thankful and Thank God for another opportunity to be successful, to be come a better person. I try to remember what I’m here for and help others to reach their full potential, I’m not the best person yet, but everything I know I try to share it with my employees. I have a boss right now, but I’m planning to become my own one. I keep having a lot of ideas and most of them are good ones I just can’t start yet. I would like to open a body shop, but I don’t know much about cars, my plan was to quit this job and get a job in a body shop… which I actually did!!! I had an interview in a collision center and they offered me a position. I gave my two weeks notice where I’m working right now, everything was too close to my wedding day and I had a lot of doubts. I was not sure if quitting my 3 years job was a good idea because I also wanted to start school in January. I got back from my honeymoon and I decided to not quit my job; I want to leave something positive as a supervisor and coaching my two Team Leads is a good idea. I want to be part of their working life, I want to be remembered as a supervisor who thought on his employees and helped them improve. My role is not easy, I have to oversee 30 employees and take decisions for them and for both departments. My mission is clear, I want to succeed and be a good example for them. After succeeding as a supervisor, I will succeed as my own boss. Once again, I have a lot of ideas, but somehow I can’t start. I need to start saving money and see what are my options with the money that I have.

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