I had a dream last night, we were some night club downtown. I remember dance lights flashing above us. The sound of dubstep playing in the background, bass strong enough to feel the vibration in the palm of your hands. Shot glasses on every table, empty beer bottles tip over. Young lady’s in short dresses dancing to their favorite song while guys stand behind and watch as temptation consumes them. The smell of cigarettes and perfumes mixing together gives a bad taste in my mouth. I guess you can say it just another saturday night and “living it up”. 

I remember you laughing at the silly jokes I made. Slow dance once, and even took a shot. We were having a good time, just the two of us… At least until someone began pulling you away. He looked at you with curiosity in places they shouldn’t be. He leans towards you to make the a move but instead faces rejection. The man couldn’t accept it and with anger grips your arm while you struggle to push him away. He tells you with an aggressive voice “come on babe I can make your night pleasurable”. At that moment I hear you call out my name “CARLOS!!”

As I turned, my eyes couldn’t bear witness what they had seen. Adrenaline rushed throughout my body, blood begans to boil while my knuckles tighten up. Pushing everything and everyone in my way to get to you. The man turn his head to find me right besides him and in that moment I had already made my first move. The amount of force that was put into that right hook left him with a broken jaw…. I wrote this journal too late, everything else’s is blurry. Sorry.

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