Out to Highland park

We got up around 9:30 AM went out to Venice beach around 10:30 AM when Ashely got to my place. We all drove together there, found a free street parking close to the beach then headed out there to help Ashely’s market research for her new skate design. Also grabbed a sandwich before we start running around and ask people for the feedback. Spent couple hours there around the skate park talking people around. It was a very interesting experience for me to ask things to random people but was fun. We also skated on trail little bit to south and north to the beach cafe.

Back home around 4 PM, chilling at the rooftop for about an hour with some beer that Miao got at the World market. Back to the apartment then fell a sleep till we went out to highland park at 7:40 PM.

My very first time to be in Highland park where I have been wanting to checkout ever since I heard about the gentrification story from NPR. Pretty nice neighborhood and I was glad to be there with my good friend Miao and new friends from him and skating group. We had great time there going through different places. Taco, cocktail, beer, donut then beer. It’s always fun with good people around. We ended up at Korean town to try fried chicken at 1 AM after all those drinks and food lol. Took an Uber back to home after 2 AM. Well, great day!

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