another day…another entry

so yeah.. son in law ended up getting “sick” and the job thing just didn’t happen…im not surprised ..this time yeah he was legitimately sick.. I can say that.. but he has recovered so im wondering what excuses will follow soon now..

it has gone from ” just need to stay at your house for four days or so”  to  being there for the past three months approaching month #4

wtf… I only have a one bedroom apartment.. and to keep my two small dogs closed up in there with me for the past few months.. is a lot…im getting closet fever… ( no such thing) but I feel closed in..

im just really disappointed..

my mom is going to court tomorrow  . ( my 70 year old mother ) because supposedly she was made aware that my dad owed her back pay from child support.. which he has since claimed its a book keeping error and will be clarified at court tomorrow.. ( sigh) I would like to be a fly on that wall.. two seventy year olds fighting over child support from like 35 years ago… supposedly my sister is going..

better actually if she doesn’t .. let them be alone with their own nonsense they created..

my mom continues to hold on to her bitterness from when my dad cheated on her and ran off with the other woman.. even though he didn’t run far because he moved her into the house we lived in and we had to move somewhere which that other woman later became his wife and took that same house away from him..

karma is such a lady!!

its sad… though..

I just wish she would stop and drop the bitterness.. but at this late stage of the life game it doesn’t look like it will happen.

but that just means she will have to come back into this world until she rights the wrongs.. ( spiritual belief ) 

anyway.. this past weekend I had to take my oldest grand daughter to the emergency room she was having chest pain.. had just gotten over a virus..from the past week.. a few ekg tests and a chest xray later she has pericarditis which is typical after a virus has run rampant through your body…( swelling around the heart )

busy place .. the E.R … watched ambulance after ambulance bring stretchers through with all kinds of patients and needs for care..  makes you realize how fast life changes and how fast it can take away from you…

hug the people you love and that love you.. tell them each day what they mean to you.. we aren’t on this planet forever.. even some of us believe that we are..

but ultimately.. we are a guest on this planet… too many forget that in their times of hatred and unforgiveness  and petty ness

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  1. You are very wise. We never know how much time we have here. It is good to hug and say I love you to our loved ones every day. So many confusing things happen in life. I hope your mom can overcome her bitterness, somehow. The Bible says where there is a root of bitterness, by it many are defiled. It seeps into people around us. But you have not let it get into your heart, so GOOD for YOU, girl!! Keep your heart open for love only, and peace. God will help you with this.

  2. “but that just means she will have to come back into this world until she rights the wrongs.. ( spiritual belief )”

    We share the same belief 🙂 I’d like to think I’m doing it right this time around

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