Day 205 – Podcast and Gotham

Monday, September 19th 2016

Today was fun. Started out as usual; we took notes in alimentation, were given a small project, then I had coding and I’m now at the second challenge for HTML. I think there’s three challenges before you move on to CSS.

Then I had lunch. Waited for my friends, but they didn’t show up, so I joined Kohai. Since her close friend is in my alimentation class, she invited me to join her group because I was alone. We will have to find typical meals in different countries involving cheese, for example, Canada would be poutine.

I then had math and we started chapter two, as well as did a little homework. Then, the final class was technology and Kohai and I decided to start out podcast. After several amounts of trying, we were starting to get the hang out of it aaaand… I burst out laughing. Our teacher said if it happens we should keep it in, but I completely gave up. We decided we should listen to it cause it was so funny, but we couldn’t hear ourselves. We went over to our teacher and he tried playing it on his computer. It worked, but everyone could hear through it the speakers, so we decided to ask him to turn it down before we got to the point that we started laughing, and he refused, claiming “But that’s the funniest part”. After some convincing, he turned it down. By this time we didn’t have time to finish an episode, so instead we came up with an idea. We instead formulated a plan and decided to whisper a couple of words each episode during the first song, barely audible enough to notice, but not to understand the first time, that way if our teacher notices, he can put together Yoda’s quote of “Fear leads to anger…” He’s a big Star Wars fan, so he’d know the quote if he notices. If not, by our last episode we’re gonna ask during our recording if the viewer discovered the secret message. If he asks what it is, I will tell him to only listen to maybe the first four episodes, cause he’ll know what “Fear leads to anger” and etc. means and I don’t want to make him waste too much time.

When I got home I mined quite a bit on the server and reorganized what I’m gonna bring for the update. I have quite some space now. Also, I was talking to this guy from the UK (didn’t know they graduated high school at 16, then had college, then university… Quite different from our school system) and he asked how many episodes of Gotham I watched, so I checked Netflix and saw SEASON 2 WAS ADDED, AND GUESS WHO WAS THE PICTURE FOR THE FIRST TWO EPISODES? JEROME, AKA, JOOOKEEEER! So we watched two episodes with my dad (man the show got violent, insane and intense) and the Joker that they’re portraying seems to be a lot inspired by Heath Ledger’s, which I’m totally fine with. The Joker here is not yet the Joker though, he’s only 18 and starting his criminal life, but he’s getting there.

That’s all for today.

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