Feeling irritable 😣

Feeling irritable and tired today,

what really annoyed me was my mum phoning, smack bang in the middle of Mya napping and me trying to get a wee doze on the settee, waking us both up to tell me about some niff naff rubbish going on with my sister. 

My sister ( who is 25 and therefore not a child – I was married at that age for goodness sake) has always had a string of drama follow her about, a lot of it is her fault, some of it not. She has poor mental health at times, always in unstable relationships, always spending money ridiculously and ending up with none, in trouble with the police etc etc. Now she is a good hearted person and I do love her, and she’s a fabulous auntie. It’s not her I’m irritated at really, but it’s the way my parents always make such a fuss about everything with her, they are always stressing about her, helping her out in so many ways ( much of it financial help) and really going above and beyond to do things for her.

Now here I am, married with a daughter and just got a promotion, and they don’t even care about me! Nobody makes a fuss , nobody does anything out of the ordinary, because they expect good behaviour from me. Whereas, if my sister had just done that, well the flags would be out! They would be making a huge fuss of it etc.

i realise how ridiculous I am being, at the age of 28 , moaning ‘ it’s not fair, she always gets more attention than me!” And I’m even considering not posting this as it is so petty and immature and ridiculous.

but if I can’t post the way I’m feeling in here, I may say something I regret. 

Anyways, it’s off my chest and I feel better. Now to concentrate on the things that really matter and that Iv worked hard my whole life for. 

2 thoughts on “Feeling irritable 😣”

  1. Pink Butterfly, you are not being petty. When there is a dysfunctional family member (your sister in this case) the focus goes to that one. That doesn’t mean they love her more. They are just so relieved to have you being independent and sensible and together. It’s good to let hurt feelings out. And this is a great place to do it! You are blessed with Mya, she is your extra-special gift in life. You are doing a great job with your life. God bless you!

  2. Thank you so much savedbygrace for your comment, writing it down made me feel so much better! It’s amazing how much it helps putting things down on paper ( sort of!) to get some perspective! X

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