Judgmental Bitch

I’ve got to stop being such a judgmental bitch when it comes to Mike’s family. I sent him a message earlier that I know now is going to inadvertently start a fight later. (I think I’ll initiate sex to compensate…) Anyway, we have plans to to Medieval Times with with Jennifer (his sister) and Steven (her son) next weekend as well as a few other people. Since we’ll need to take more than one car I suggested I drive up with Ashley (my best friend) and Bella (her daughter). I’d rather spend 2 hours in a car with them than his sister which is rude enough on its own, but I shot myself in the fucking foot when I casually reminded Mike not to smoke in the car. I’m always reminding him not to smoke in the car and I know it frustrates him, but I’m afraid the one time I don’t remind him he’ll do it. Also, I don’t trust his sister. She’s a bad influence. She’s fucking 6 months pregnant and smokes a pack a day. Cigarettes disgust me and he may think I won’t smell them, but trust me I will! The part that infuriates me is if it weren’t for his family he wouldn’t even be smoking. He quit and was doing a fantastic job not starting back up again, but his family made no effort to help him. Whenever we visited they’d smoke in his face or worse… They’d ask him to come join them for one! How the fuck is someone supposed to quit a habit when you’re tempting them? My mother had enough class to excuse herself and smoke in secret when we visited because she respected him enough to help him. I’m just at this point with his family in which I don’t respect them so it’s hard for me to be around them. I know Jennifer will spend the entire show on her phone talking to her alcoholic baby daddy while ignoring her son. (We’re taking him for his birthday, by the way.) Everyone chooses to live their lives differently, I know this, but it’s so hard for me to be around them. We have conflicting morals and I’m struggling with acceptance. I don’t want to bring my husband down any more than I already am. He knows what they’re like and he still loves them. I need to try and do the same. Lord, help me. I don’t want to think so negatively of them.

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  1. @Thaisykm
    That’s what I keep saying! The way I see it, if someone thinks something about you (positive or negative) the way you’ve behaved and decisions you’ve made are responsible for it.

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