Monday journal

Back to normal life! I had enough sleep last night. Feel really good to have a long sleep that I really needed. Took a nap after Miao left yesterday and only got up for couple hours before midnight then sleep till 7 in the morning today. Started my day at the gym. Working out arms for about 3 months of not. Couldn’t keep up as before but felt good to using muscles on my arms. Stopped by at the grocery market to get a dozen of eggs for breakfast.

Skated to work as usual after work out. Feels like things got back to normal. It didn’t take that long to get back to the subscription form project that I have been working on from last week. Made a pretty good progress today on frontend validation and receipt UI on shipping page. It looks pretty good so far makes me check it couple times at home to see everything looks okay and try to find things to improve.

Started to work on Naomi’s book after work. I knew that I’m not going to have enough time to design and I realized again I definitely don’t have much time to get into detail. I’m focusing on the art direction on the main pages and actually making a new design mock up for her and David to utilize. Hopefully I come up with something that could help!

Dinner with Dosung around 8 PM cause I got home at that time. Drove to his place and went to Gam Ja Gol for the beef or pork?? neck bone soup. As always, I ended up eating too much lol. Back home around 10:30 PM then spent rest of the time working on the Naomi’s book after the shower. 11:53 PM now. Time for me to go to bed!

Hope your Monday ended well! Goodnight all!

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