Review Journal

As time goes by, I’m starting to enjoy writing Journals and reading. When I began it was difficult for me to stick to it, but after a few months and dedication I’m starting to see the results of my effort. As I read one time, the brain is not ready for new habits or changes. You need to stick to your plan and do not stop no matter what your mind tells you. Journaling is becoming one of my favorite things to do, why? Because I get to write (which I did not know I actually enjoy doing) and at the same time I get to read. Reading was an impossible mission to accomplish, but I’m starting to enjoy it. I just finished a book (a medium size book) and I decided to read it again because it took me a few months to finish it. I started reading small books (20-30 pages) and now I’m moving forward to medium books (50-100). I’m realizing that it’s becoming easier for me because I’m starting with a few pages and so on. I still have to work harder in order to become a better journal writer, I need more organization on my journals, but I know I will be getting it with time and more experience. Thank you for reading my journal and once again, if you have any comments or advises on how I can become a better writer/reader please feel free to leave a comment. God bless you! Keep a positive attitude and your life will be much easier.  

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