Tuesday, 9/20/16, 9:46am, HPER computer lab

Friday I woke up feeling like shit.  I went to NT and taught two classes. I had 4 in my hatha class which was nice. And then only 1 in the restorative class which felt kinda lame. I went home and thought about going back to bed and then I was reminded that I was supposed to go to lunch at KT for Marti’s bday and I had given my car to Gabe to run errands.  He was off school for teacher in-service. I hopped on my bike and hauled ass down to KT and met with Anna, Kelly and Marti for lunch. It was good times. Then Kelly and I walked around a bunch and she gave me a ride home. I was supposed to be at Mall F’s at 3 to model some clothes for instagram shots but she texted and cancelled.  I checked FB and I had a message from B.  He asked if I had a minute to talk.  I said yes.  He offered to come over but I didn’t feel okay about that.  I went to his office.

He said that all the things I said in my message were true.  He did behave poorly, he was extremely dishonest and did a lot of schmucky things. He said he was sorry and that he does indeed ask for my forgiveness but that obviously is up to me.  I said thanks a couple times and I was crying.  He offered me tea or water and I said yes to tea.  We sat and made mostly awkward and uncomfortable small talk for about a half hour and then I left. 

I took Gabe to work. Then I went to OBC to hang out. I felt really weird. I went to the Omaha Design Center to get my stuff for the B is for Bikes performance and then I got BBQ and went back to OBC. I went with them to the first stop for the full moon ride but I kinda couldn’t stand the loud, noisy bar so I went down to the river front to sit under the moon, by the water.  Mosquitos started biting me so I went home. 

Saturday I did a bunch of shit. Went to Cale and Mandy’s Party. Stopped by the bug symposium. Went to Doug’s bonfire. Sunday, Chelsea and I walked to Benson for brunch. Then we went to the JCC for the Jewish Day of Laughing.  Jason T was there. Chels and I only stayed for the Rachel Shukert talk and then we left.  I went home and laid around in bed until it was time to go to dinner at my folks’. 

Yesterday I had a deposition in the morning on 160th & center. It was super short. Only an hour. The dude was puerto rican though and I struggled to understand him. Had lunch at KT. Immgiration court with JLA in the pm.  Then I went up to the woodmen to give my mom my house payment. She told me that Kerribeth texted her and told her that she is mad at Sarah and I for hanging out so much this summer and not inviting her. Whatever.

Then I took Gabe to get his phoned connected. Didn’t really work. His dad texted and asked what time he could pick him up.  Gabe and I talked about it and he said, fuck it, he’s just going to go to see what happens and how his dad behaves.  We discussed all possibilities for how things could wrong. We went to Farnam House and had dinner and did homework.  We went home and I started taking my law school tests.  Kate D came over and brought me almond bread.  Gabe’s dad showed up to get him.  He slammed open my door and yelled that he was taking Gabe back to South. I didn’t respond and waited for Gabe to answer. Gabe said no way, he’s staying at Central. A shouting match ensued and I joined in and said no, he’s staying at Central. His dad yelled at me that we were going to have to go back to court then. 

Kate said she would happily be a witness in court to his awful behavior, she was pretty stunned at what she saw.  We talked. She told me what’s been going on with R. I told her about B. It felt good to connect with her and share.  She said good things. She left and I finished my 2nd test. Didn’t get my third one done.  

Worked out with Lynn S at HPER this morning and then I meditated.  Going to class now. We are meeting outside in Elmwood to slackline.



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