Our Father who art thou in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, 

      Hello, Father.  Today was good.  Slow, humid and hot, —You tell us we should pray in private, Almighty God.  So I will probably not post too many more of these in prayer form, but I will always write to You.  But today was a day, as I was saying.  Not too much new.  However, this was my day off, and that is always good, always lovely, King Jesus.  

     I keep wondering about the future, somewhat, off and on.  I don’t dwell on it.  Maybe I don’t have entrepreneurship blood that is full and complete.  I see my days off as recovering periods.  It’s hard to see any poetry inside of me right now.  The flesh is real, and even more real when it is physically exhausted or tired.  The flesh, aside from that vein, it is super limited.  And we as humans normally don’t like limitations.  We like limitations if we are a mature Christian.  But normally that isn’t the case.  

     “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  That doesn’t just apply to the Scripture taking place in Gesthemane.  It’s always weak.  But looking into the future is nice.  It’s just ok.  “Today has enough worries of its own.”  Taking this truth, given by Christ, in alluding how we are supposed to think, perhaps that is why depression is so rampant among our populous at large.  At large, because I assume prisoners are less depressed than their free counterparts.  They’r pretty focused on the day at hand.  I take that back.  Prisoners are probably the most mentally ill people on the planet.  “The old man is down the road” as they say.  Who cares, I don’t know.  I do know this.

      I know that depression is big business for pharm. companies.  I know it possesses material for students to study and professors to teach.  But how is it possible for so many people to be on the medication.  Yes, I know all of the pop-explanations.  I’m aware of all of them.  But none of us could have gotten through that onset phase of “being down” without pyscho-tropic drugs seems far fetched.  Though my brain will probably not function properly without them anymore, and if I tried, it probably would malfunction in some way.  It doesn’t seem realistic.  Perhaps it’s not realistic and the doctors are doing the right thing by prescribing them?

     Is the Fall getting worse?  Is the fallen flesh getting worse?  Is the environment for growing our psyche getting worse?  More frayed?  Or is the answer more biblical?  I heard a song lyric once from a Christian band, Switchfoot.  How does it go?  It is “here we are in the bitter youth and pain.”  I always though it said, “Here we are with in the desperate use of pain.”  Like God was using pain to bring us to Himself, which I think He does, but so cool if a band were to sing about it.      

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