Courtship/Dating/Talking: Differences in Relationships

While discussing The Warmth of Other Suns in class, we got onto the topic of courtship, dating and marriage. In the book, there is a point where Ida Mae is being courted and starting to think about the man that she will marry. During this period of time, deciding who to marry was a very important decision for a young woman to make (even if she wasn’t necessarily making the decision for herself) for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that during this time women were valued most for things like having children and being “good wives”. Another reason is because during this period of time, women did have many opportunities to work and therefore often could not support themselves financially which led to them depending on their husbands for financial support. Ida Mae had to decide which husband would be the best for her due to these reasons. The dating/courting process is much different today than it was back then for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is that women’s position in society has changed drastically over time. Women can now work, support themselves, be successful, and even have children without a husband. With that being said, there is not as much of an urgency to get married now as there was back then. Now people get married for many different reasons. Some people get married because they feel obligated to, some people get married for hopes of finding true love, and some people still get married for financial stability and to have children. Many people today feel that there is no need to get married. While discussing these things in class we compared the difference between courtship and modern-day courtship, also known as, “talking”. We talked about how dating today is different and how in some ways it is the same. We also talked about how the increase of social media and technology have changed dating. The discussion we had made me think about modern day dating and things like Tinder and other social media sights that people use to find people. It also made me think about how texting is now a big part of relationships today. In The Warmth of Other Suns, Ida Mae’s suitors came personally to her house for a chance to be with her and today we have the ability to swipe through our choices quickly. Even though it seems like things are completely different, I feel like things are actually more similar than people would think. 

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