Day 206 – Nice day

Tuesday, September 20th 2016

Today was likeable. I started off with technology, but Kohai wasn’t there to record a podcast episode, so I talked to someone I met on the server (he messes with me a lot ;-;) and translated some personality quizzes to French for our future podcasts. She finally joined me in math and we did some numbers stuff, so nothing interesting.

At lunch we decided to record a podcast episode and it went quite well. There was an awkward silence and a part where I was muted, but for the most part it was good.

Then I had coding so I didn’t have to move from the classroom and I finished the second challenge. I’m now into the last(?) chapter of HTML.

I ended school with alimentation and we went to the library to look at meals from different countries. My team seem to be settled on a leak and potato soup.

When I got home I spent time building on the server and later on doing the same again, but with Kohai and the guy I met bugging me again ;-;. I also did a tad of math homework and watched Gotham, which, spoilers for the rest of the entry, how the heck did Jerome die? Isn’t he the Joker? Unless in this version the Joker dies early or he isn’t the Joker, or he’ll come back maybe. Something just felt so wrong when it happened, can’t describe what. Also, I felt all warm inside when Edward finally got Kringle/Cringle. They’re so cute… I ship them, after shipping him with me of course, haha.

That’s all for today.

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