Forum Discussion: Wondering

In a forum discussion, Dr. Moore posted that she wondered what the characters looked like and what early women’s undergarments looked like. This conversation led to me doing some wondering of my own. I also wondered what the characters looked like and more specifically the hairstyles that they wore. Using Dr. Moore’s post as inspiration, I did some research of my own on what people (specifically black people) looked like in the 1910’s-1940’s in the US. I found a few examples of some hairstyles that the main characters of our story might have worn. Here some videos I found:
. I also wondered what the houses that black people lived in (both in the South and the Northern and Western states) looked like. I found a few examples of what some of the houses that our characters might have lived in might have looked like. i found it very interesting to look at the differences in how people looked and dressed and also the differences in how the houses looked. Doing this research made it easier to envision the characters while reading which makes the book much more interesting for me.

Here are some of the things I found while researching:    

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