Millenial life decisions

So, I name my first post “Millenial Life Decisions”, such a trendy topic now a days, millenials and their mid life crisis, a sense of purpose, or simply our way of looking life from a different perspective. I am going through a personal/proffessional transformation period. I quit my job as a brand manager for a multinational company, after 6 years of working in multinational companies at my country and opportunities abroad, my stress management and life was going away just thinking about the pressure, meetings, results, and fast changing environement. Ïs she crazy, whats is she going to do, she has money, she does not need to work maybe” were many of the comments behind my decision. But, whcih are these “Millenial life decisions”I am talking about? Basically, what do I really want in life? Where do I see myself? Do I want to be in the corporate world my whole life? Do I want to become that boss that we hate or that director? Its been a month since I quit my job, I decided to travel (yes another millenial trend, we want to explore the world and travel as much as we can), went for a couple of weeks to Germany, my sister lives there, my niece was born, it was perfect timing. Tickets were half price to Europe on the dates I wanted to travel, it was definetely God’s plan maybe…now I want to go back, tickets are still on discount, should I stay or should I go? My next steps, I will go back to school, do another master, teach english lessons and continue to explore and live life to the fullest out of the corporate world!!! 

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