One Month

My Boyfriends surprisingly reminded me that on Saturday will be my one month, can you believe it? Because i sure as hell can’t, just the way this relationship started i didn’t think i would make it to be honest. Hours after making it official my old flame decides to confess his feelings, really messed me up but i made up my mind and went with my.. well i don’t even know if i went with my head or heart, definitely wasn’t my vagina because i won’t be seeing him till he comes down… to my state not down on me.. anyhow its my first real relationship and its long distance? It still shocks me.
During these 4 weeks we had 3 disagreements, the first was about him talking to his Ex, the second was because i refused to show my breasts and the third was because i didn’t tell him i loved him. With all these arguments i got to see his coping skills and he got to see mine. I turned to alcohol and he chucked tantrums. During this first month i feel like I’m test driving and i keep seeing how it plays out, so far i can’t help but see more of the negative than the positive. The thing is though that this is all so new and I’m not sure if its right or not but i guess ill keep seeing it through i just hope its not 10 months later and I’m still seeing it through. 

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